IMPRESSUM - Firefighter St. Christina

First commander of the Volunteer Fire Fighters S. Cristina

Lukas Goller
via Plesdinaz 17/A
39047 S. Cristina
+39 333-8759204

Webdesign and Content

Christian Runggaldier
Streda Plesdinaz 83
39047 St. Christina


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INFORMATION SHEET IN COMPLIANCE WITH ART. 13 LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. 196/03 In accordance with Article 13 of Leg. Decr. 196/2003 regarding data protection, we want to inform you that the Volunteer Fire Department S. Cristina as data processor keeps your personal data stored in their archive. The use of personal data complies the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency while your privacy and rights are protected.

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